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About Us

Passionate about creativity.

The Melius is a multi-disciplinary creative agency specializing in editorial work and graphic design. Operating in a fully online environment, The Melius works with small businesses to help enhance their products and services. Services range from copywriting, editing, proofreading, ghost-writing, content writing, and publishing, including fiction and non-fiction books. We also work in graphic design, focused on UX/UI and web design, as well as book formatting, book cover design, and marketing kits.


Our focus is content editing and writing. We are experts in language, and can play with words and punctuation to create stunning magnet-copy that only attracts more people to your business or product. Our work spans from academic writing and editing to creative copy and ad campaigns.


Founded in 2020, The Melius has been slowly establishing an identity of quality services to help small businesses in the area enhance their brands, improve their sales, and attract more satisfied, returning clients.


Tarek Gara


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