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Helping you find the right job in your industry.

Part of our social initiatives is providing opportunities for rising talents in the community. We try to help students and graduates with little or no experience find their path and work with us as they acquire experience and develop their skills.

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If our current available positions do not suit your qualifications, skills, or expertise, you can send us your CV and we'll try to help you find something you both excel at and love. We're always searching for talent.

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About FORGE by The Melius

FORGE by The Melius is a social initiative directed at students and new graduates looking for jobs in their respective industries. This initiative offers people with the knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for design, development, marketing, and editorial work the opportunity to forge a new path to their new careers. The Melius offers employment options to students and grads with no experience or portfolio to help them find their standing in the market.

Applicants can send us their CV or resume for a possible match with a future available position. Alternatively, applicants can send us proof of their work quality, either in their portfolio or personal projects (or a compelling cover letter, tbh) and we'll find them something to do with us.

These opportunities are often project-based (not full-time), and are fully paid by the hour. Accepted applicants become paid interns, with opportunities in the future to sign a full-time employment lease and officially have a seat at the table.


To be able to apply for FORGE positions, you have to fulfill these requirements:

1. Have interest in one of these categories:
Graphic Design

User Experience Design / User Interface Design
Web Design / Mobile App Design
Book/eBook Publishing
Print, Editorials, Journals, Magazine Publications

Book Cover Design / Book Formatting
Marketing, Ad Management, Campaigning
Online Marketing / Promotion
Social Media Sponsorships / Meta Marketing / Google Ads
Copywriting, Copy editing, Ad copy
Creative Writing / Academic Writing / Scientific Writing
Academic Editing / Editing and Proofreading
Fiction Editing / Non-fiction Editing
Translation (Arabic, English, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese)
Transcription / Subtitling
Product/Web Localization/Internationalization
UX Writing, Technical Writing
Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)
App Development (iOS, Android)
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Videography / Cinematography
Video Editing / Composition / Rendering


1. Be able to meet deadlines, balance project work with studies.

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